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Tamara Lechner

Tamara Lechner is a happiness expert and Chopra-Certified Meditation Instructor. Her mission is to be so happy that those around her cannot help but step into her light. She enjoys writing, speaking, and teaching about proactive science-based wellness including positive psychology, mindfulness, and resilience. Founder of Positive Minds International she strives to change how educators, corporations, and individuals create life satisfaction and deal with stress & anxiety. Her deep belief is that happiness happens by choice, not by chance.

Positive Psychology - A Happiness Mindset Reboot

Everyone says they want to be happy yet most people don’t put conscious effort to acheiving happiness. Over two days, you will discover positive psychology with goals of being happier and understanding why. Participants will deepen their comprehension of basic neuroscience and physiology of well-being as well as participating in experiential exercises designed to boost baseline positivity (happiness) while reducing stress and anxiety. The course will also touch on growth mindset and resilience, leaving you with a customized happiness toolkit.