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Sylvie Plante

Sylvie Plante, MA, designs and facilitates learning experiences for working professionals as Associate Faculty in the RRU School of Business and as leader of Sylvie Plante Enterprise Channeling Inc., based in Ottawa. As Doctor of Social Sciences candidate with RRU, Sylvie is currently researching innovation and the use of relationships in social networks to facilitate collaboration in partnership settings. She continues to consult and co-create strategies and solutions with clients across all sectors to support organizational development, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Leading Design and Organizational Change with Empathy

Become a more impactful leader and get to the root of real problems facing your organization and community by learning how to embed empathy into your change efforts. Empathy involves understanding the emotional states of other people and increases your ability to collaborate and co-create solutions with others. Through this two-day workshop, you will become aware of your own empathy skills and behaviours, and how these can be applied in a process to achieve meaningful, innovative outcomes.