COAC047 SupportingLines Institute's High Performance Index Assessment Certification


Course Description

Leaders don't need to choose between achieving results and improving the human experience at work. The High-Performance Index™ helps clients measure all facets of high-performance culture in a single assessment. A modern, comprehensive assessment of high-performance culture is just the first step. Unique to many other assessments on the market, the SupportingLines Institute takes great pride in providing a robust library of solutions that help clients improve areas of concern the data has exposed. Highlight strengths and take action on emerging priorities that will unlock healthy high performance leadership in organizations.


Course Outline

You’ll be trained, certified, and supported to deploy, debrief, and integrate 5 related assessments into your coaching practice or organization including:

  1. High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment (FREE): The High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment is a great way for leaders to gauge how well they believe they demonstrate leadership capabilities. It’s a very insightful tool to create awareness, expose potential blindspots, and help build your foundational skills required to coach leaders. (Learn more at
  2. High-Performance Index™ Prediction (FREE): The HPI Prediction offers a free way for leaders to quickly gauge how they think their team or organization is performing. (Learn more at
  3. High-Performance Leader 360° Review: The High-Performance Leader 360° Review is a great way for leaders to receive feedback from their team and colleagues. (Learn more at
  4. High-Performance Index™ Team Assessment: The best way to collect employee feedback is to ask employees directly! The HPI Team Assessment collects data directly from your entire team or organization. This assessment is scalable and customizable to measure by any required demographic and category including department, location, tenure, and more. (Learn more at
  5. High-Performance Index™ Group Prediction: The HPI Group Prediction is an extension of the basic HPI Prediction. Multiple leaders fill out the survey predicting what their employees would say. (Learn more at


Learner Outcomes

With this training and certification you’ll be well on your way to truly understanding what it means, and what it takes, to create a healthy high performance leadership culture. As our certified practitioners agree, “the HPI is like a cheat sheet for achieving high performance leadership. It’s an operational handbook, with academically validated and customized data, for increasing leadership effectiveness - the ability to enhance the capabilities of everyone around us”.

Upon completion you will become a SupportingLines Certified Practitioner.

Certified Executive Coaches will be eligible to apply for contract coaching work as part of our SupportingLines Coach roster.


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