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Powerful and Persuasive Presentations

You have a presentation at work, a speech to deliver, an important message to communicate – but how? Admit it, too many presentations in the professional world are just plain boring. In Powerful and Persuasive Presentations, we will examine how ideas, both ancient and contemporary, can transform a lackluster speech into one that entertains, persuades and inspires. Drawing on modes of persuasion from Aristotle and injecting the neuroscience of storytelling, your speech will transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Facilitator: Maggi Feehan
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Topics Covered:

  • Aristotle’s four rhetorical strategies (Logos, Ethos, Pathos, Kairos)
  • The neuroscience of storytelling
  • Presentations skills and tips
  • Compelling take-offs and landings
  • Common mistakes in speech delivery and how to overcome them

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to use logic, credibility, timeliness and emotion in your speech
  • Why storytelling in a speech is important
  • How to use story to enhance memory and interest
  • How to integrate an argument into a speech
  • How credibility is established in a speaker
  • How to powerfully open and close your speech