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Positive Psychology - A Happiness Mindset Reboot

Everyone says they want to be happy yet most people don’t put conscious effort to acheiving happiness. Over two days, you will discover positive psychology with goals of being happier and understanding why. Participants will deepen their comprehension of basic neuroscience and physiology of well-being as well as participating in experiential exercises designed to boost baseline positivity (happiness) while reducing stress and anxiety. The course will also touch on growth mindset and resilience, leaving you with a customized happiness toolkit.
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve your personal well-being in a measureable way
  • Learn the seven domains of happiness and exercises to improve each
  • Know the connection between money and happiness
  • Learn the connection between your personal character strengths and happiness
  • Understand the relationship between success and happiness
  • Participants will develop a personalized toolkit for increasing well-being and avoiding the downward spiral to depression, stress & anxiety

Who should take this course? This course will appeal to educators, human resource teams, individuals coping with stress or anxiety as well as those desiring greater sense of flourishing at work, in relationships or personally.

Why? People who are happier also have decreased stress and anxiety, are more creative and healthier. Students also have better standardized test results.