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Pawa Haiyupis

Pawa Haiyupis facilitates large and small group conversations with a focus on Indigenous nation building and hosting meaningful engagement. She has 20 years of experience building capacity for sovereignty and self-determination while working with Indigenous Nations, Elders, as well as hereditary, elected, and young emerging leaders. She uses the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter to facilitate innovation and change in people, communities and systems.

Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations for Participatory Leadership

The Art of Hosting is a three-day leadership training course that scales up from the personal to the systemic using leadership practices to enable co-creation of innovations for complex challenges. Participants learn models and practices to maximize personal leadership abilities and collective intelligence while learning to transform conflict into creative solutions.

Working Effectively and Respectfully with First Nations: Moving Forward Together

This workshop introduces individuals, government representatives, business people and representatives of organizations to the complexities of working with First Nations in Canada. By exploring traditional values and protocols in a contemporary context, students are encouraged to broaden their perspective of what is needed to be respectful and successful when working within a First Nation context. Participants will learn the historical struggle of First Nations people, celebrate the accomplishments and seek a better way forward together.