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Patricia Galaczy

Patricia Galaczy, BA, M.I.R., has accumulated over 10, 000 hours teaching and facilitating People Leaders, expertly guiding thousands of individuals through Leadership, Management, and Mindfulness curriculum. She is the Director of The Art of Dialogue, Associate Faculty with the Justice Institute of British Columbia's Centre for Leadership, and Associate Faculty with Royal Roads University. Patricia was awarded the Kelly Award for Outstanding Workshop Facilitation from Royal Roads University in 2016.

Building Teams that Trust

Teams that trust are more self-aware, engaged and productive; they give their best work freely and enjoy doing so; they move cohesively and creatively to achieve results; they engage in healthy, productive conflict; they commit to shared goals and accountability; and, they have fun. In this evidence-based workshop, we will take a practical and experiential look at the tools and skills required to build trust within teams, across departments and throughout the organization.

Creating and Supporting an Empowered Culture in the Workplace - ONLINE

People who practice empowerment participate and contribute at high levels, are creative and innovative, take sound risks, are willing to be held accountable, and demonstrate leadership. When properly understood and developed, empowerment can help individuals authentically and meaningfully engage in their work and in their organizations. This practical and participatory full-day course will explore the best practices, skills, and tools necessary to create and support an empowered culture within the contemporary organizational context.

Developing Human Potential: The Future of Human Resource Management

To build a healthy and sustainable organizational foundation, we must revisit and revise what it means to manage human resources. When we shift the perspective of HR from managing people as resources to cultivating individual, team and cultural potential, we shift what is possible for organizational health and sustainability. This one-day practical and applied workshop will explore the tools, skills and perspectives necessary to develop human potential in today’s dynamic organizational context.

Meaningful Conversations

So much of what we accomplish together, or fail to accomplish together, depends upon how we talk and how we listen. Conversations create our cultures and our relationships. The question, “What can we do, individually and organizationally, to bring more meaning to our conversations?” is one that impacts us all, and one that we will explore together in this one-day practical and experiential workshop.

Mindful Communication and Listening - SYNCHRONOUS

How are we to deal effectively with something as fundamental as the core methods through which we relate to the world? High-quality communication requires awareness as the primary foundation. If communication is about creating understanding, mindful communication is about creating understanding through awareness. This two-day practical and experiential workshop will develop and apply the tools and skills for mindful communication and listening, and demonstrate strategies for integrating and sustaining in every day.

Mindfulness in Practice - SYNCHRONOUS

Mindfulness is much more than a recent trend; it is a way of being. The careful observation of thoughts, emotions, and sensations is part of a life-long journey to become more accepting, less judgmental, and kinder to oneself and others. Held mostly in silence, participants in this two-day core course will immerse themselves in the power and practice of being present through guided formal mindfulness meditation. Suggested pre-requisite: Foundations of Mindfulness Practice (Core Course #1).

Mindfulness in the Workplace - ONLINE

When we live and work from a place of overwhelm and reactivity, we make suboptimal decisions, negatively impact our relationships and our health, miss opportunities to innovate and strategize and lose sight of the big picture. This two-day course takes an evidence-based approach to demonstrate and apply how cultivating a mindfulness practice can optimize personal and organizational health and performance.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mobilize your own inner resources for learning, growing and healing. In this intensive training, you will learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself to find greater balance, ease and peace of mind. Participants will benefit from the well-researched and intentionally structured eight-week MBSR curriculum, led by a qualified and experienced facilitator of MBSR, trained and endorsed by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace - SYNCHRONOUS

Organizations and teams who want to learn and thrive together in uncertain, interdependent and virtual contexts must understand and foster psychological safety. Psychological safety is the shared belief that the workplace environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. Although research shows psychological safety as the exception rather than the rule, it is possible – and, in fact, necessary - to consciously cultivate it.

Resilience and Change: Building Personal, Team and Cultural Resilience - SYNCHRONOUS

Enhancing resilience involves intentional preparation to increase the ability to emerge from challenges better equipped to deal with the next. It is not a return to the former state of mind or to the past. It is a transformation into a stronger self so that the next time disruption hits, one will be better prepared. Resilience is not a fixed trait but a dynamic state that can be trained. The key to learning resilience is to intentionally cultivate the resilience competencies and frameworks that you and your organization can fall back on when things get tough. The wider our repertoire of strategies, the more likely we are to meet challenges with resilience. This two-day synchronous highly experiential course will reveal the best-practices, tools and skills for meeting change with increased resilience.