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Opportunities in Stage and Screen Production

Recording stage productions, concerts and live events for cinema release, broadcast or the internet is becoming ubiquitous, presenting many opportunities for those in the creative industries. Along with these opportunities are many challenges and questions. What does interdisciplinary arts and technology mean to the live performance process and media production departments? Are the creative goals at odds with technical realities? This one-day course will explore the fundamentals behind theatre productions which are recorded live, or recorded and edited for cinema, television and the internet.
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Learn about the production communities, their workflows and the differences and similarities in roles and responsibilities between stage and screen. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the creative and technical elements involved and the collaboration and interaction necessary between stage and media teams. Join in the discussion of all manner of detail, scenarios and nuance of integration to establish guidelines for best practices, identify common goals and solve problems. Discover new areas of interest, recognition of your transferable skills or where to focus on additional training to target new employment opportunities in the creative industries.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the production communities of television, film, theatre and live production
  • Identify the differences and similarities of the roles and responsibilities between stage and media recording crews
  • Learn how to manage expectations of interdisciplinary teams
  • Understand the fundamentals of the recording process as it relates to stage production
  • Planning the integration of stage and media recording crews
  • Identify and define the various stakeholders involved and their business models
  • Understand the stage and live workflows vs the media recording workflows and their respective technologies
  • Identify common goals, risks, trouble shooting and problem-solving methods with successful engagement of interdisciplinary crews
  • Establish guidelines for best practices
  • Identify opportunities and challenges
  • Target positive integration methods
  • Recognize and celebrate strategic alliances
  • Target future trends

Who should take this course? Students and professionals in television, film and theatre production and the live event industries who wish to learn about the similarities and differences between disciplines, complementary skill-sets, production methodologies, and how to achieve the successful blending of interdisciplinary crews to ensure a successful production and target future employment opportunities for both stage and screen projects.