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Meditations that Settle the Mind

An unsettled mind - bouncing, restless, ever-active - is perhaps the most pervasive marker of this modern era. In cultivating a more intimate relationship with the body, we begin to counter this tendency. Developing our innate capacity to rest in the body, we find our mind naturally settles, naturally opens to and welcomes all experience. Using the Meditating with the Body practices of Reggie Ray, this workshop guides us into connection with the body and with the well-being and ease that awaits there. Same weekend as Meditations that Welcome the Earth.
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Topics Covered:

  • Embodiment and the human journey
  • Thepractice of embodied meditation
  • Developing our capacity to settle the mind
  • How to continue at home

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the importance of the body in human well-being
  • Familiarity with meditation practices that cultivate a deeper body connection
  • Appreciation for ourselves and our lives as they are
  • Confidence to continue the practices at home

Note: Participants are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing and to bring a blanket or mat to lay on.

To experience a weekend of meditation practice, on Saturday, October 26, 2019 Neil McKinlay is also offering the meditation course, Meditations that Welcome the Earth.