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Leslie McGarry

Leslie McGarry is a member of the Kwagiulth First Nation, one of several bands within the Kwakwaka’ wakw Territory, located on the northeast part of Vancouver Island. With inspiration from Leslie’s family legacy and lineage as a guiding force, and working with many community partners, Leslie provides opportunities to enhance and/or develop awareness and appreciation for the cultural diversity within Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples. From developing school programs in cooperation with the Royal British Columbia Museum to providing cultural support for the BC Legislative Assembly’s Parliamentary Education Office, Leslie provides a cultural component derived from the stories, legends, values and traditions that have been passed down through her family for countless generations.

Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing: Integrating Indigenous Values into the Work Environment - SYNCHRONOUS

Experience a rewarding day-long discovery of the benefits of Indigenization within the work environment. This gathering will offer insights into how the integration of traditional values can have a positive influence on the daily operations of organizations, businesses, and institutions. We will explore how the concepts of traditional values, teachings, practices and protocols effectively serve complex Indigenous governance structures; we will learn how to translate and apply those concepts within contemporary work environments; and we will garner a deeper appreciation for the inclusivity surrounding all aspects of Indigenous Leadership.

Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC - SYNCHRONOUS

Experience a rich day-long exploration of British Columbia’s Indigenous Cultures, a heritage spanning thousands of years and deeply rooted in the natural world. This gathering will serve to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the governance structures, cultural practices and traditions of B.C.’s First Peoples. This course explores the sustainable living practices and cultural protocols associated with traditional land use; students will garner appreciation for traditional connections to the earth and environment; and, will discover how Indigenous ways of being and knowing can enhance our contemporary culture in beneficial and encouraging ways.