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Juliet Pendray

Juliet Pendray is an avid naturalist, acquiring and sharing knowledge about coastal B.C. lifeforms and their ecologies for the past 14 years, with a particular focus on fungi and associated organisms. She studies a broad range of mycological topics, delivers walks, talks and theatre, and develops educational materials for Victoria and coastal mainland B.C. organizations. Juliet participates in research projects and species inventories, and she is a member of both the South Vancouver Island and Vancouver Mycological Societies. As a professional trainer, she is passionate about using effective, interactive learning techniques and fun to share her enthusiasm for nature with you.

Can I Eat That Mushroom? A Mycological Adventure

Interested in fungi? Curious to know more about the colourful and mysterious mushrooms you see in your lawn or on hikes? This hands-on, practical and fun course is for beginners and also for those who know a few mushrooms but want to learn more. We will spend time both in the classroom and in the forest introducing the fascinating life histories of fungi, providing techniques for identifying mushrooms, and more.

Enlichenment! Level One - Introduction to Lichens

Intrigued by lichens and wanting to know more about them? In this classroom and field session, we will cover how to identify lichens, how to distinguish them from other organisms, their place in the local ecologies, and how they are used as food, medicine and tools. This course is intended for those new to lichen or at a beginner identification level.

Enlichenment! Level Two - Identification Characters & Practice

This course is intended for those who have taken Enlichenment! Level One - Introduction to Lichens or who otherwise have an equivalent understanding of the nature of lichens, identifying the main lichen groups, and hand lens use. In this classroom-and-field session, we will build on knowledge acquired in level one, focusing in particular on key identification characters for the various lichen types and common local genera.