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International Cultural Leadership Field Trip to Ecuador

In the 21st century, leaders are facing new situations that are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Top organizations and international institutions are identifying capacities in leadership that are now critical. Students must develop skills to tackle emerging complex situations through collaboration, empathy, adaptability, community engagement and systems thinking.
International Cultural Leadership Field Trip to Ecuador
Start Date:Sep 16, 2023
End Date:Sep 30, 2023
Delivery:2 weeks, Off Campus
Price:$2500.00 + GST
Course code: EXRE024_Y2324-F-01

Core to this objective, students can acquire these skills through international experience through the GBLD 535 International Cultural Leadership Field Trip. This trip engages students in understanding the advantages of strategic global partnerships through a field trip abroad to a country outside Canada. This international field trip provides opportunity to experience cross-cultural dimensions of global leadership and to engage in discussions with key geo-political stakeholder groups, which may include Indigenous groups, civil society activists and groups, the military, and businesses. Excursions offer a contextualized understanding of economic disparity, Indigenous or minority group concerns, and political change.

The travel tour is designed for participants interested in cultural exploration through firsthand experience; globally focused, culturally aware leaders building an awareness for the key regions, issues, communities and networks. This travel tour is ideal for those new to the region as well as for those with more experience.  Through a wide range of experiences and practical, applied learning, you will develop a robust understanding of the growing need of interconnection of global communities and planetary health.

Please note this session is for RRU Alumni only at this time

Participants in the Continuing Studies "International Cultural Leadership Field Trip to Ecuador" will join RRU students and instructor(s)  for a 15-day study tour that travels the country and:

  • Exposes you to a highly diverse geography, history, and culture
  • Explores key global issues in local context: environment, education, health, and others
  • Creates global networks to support life-long learning and development in the global context
  • Offers dialogue with country and community leaders in diverse cultural contexts on topics such as history of colonization, environmental challenges and planetary health, water and food security issues, indigenous rights, the role of military, political concerns around stability, etc.
  • Supports cross-cultural exchange and understanding
  • Encourages global thinking and intercultural communication skill enhancement
  • Builds resilience and adaptability in a geographical and cultural context (food, language, quality of life standards, norms, customs of celebrations, etc.)

To register for the program, you will need to submit your information and the program fee by March 31, 2023. Please send a note to Lisa Corak to confirm your intent as soon as possible.

Participants will be fully immersed in the site visits and discussions together with students enrolled in the Global Leadership program but will not be eligible for academic credit. Students and alumni interested in receiving academic credit can contact the Global Leadership program to discuss options for enrolment in the online courses associated with the Global Leadership programs. The Continuing Studies program includes an online session prior to departure together with suggested readings and background material and participation in the visit and discussions associated with the field study portion of the Global Leadership program.

Please contact Dr. Wanda Krause or Lisa Corak with any questions on the program.

If special circumstances prevent the travel, a full or partial refund may be available as outlined by the Professional and Continuing Studies refund policies.

* The $2500 program fee for the Professional and Continuing Studies course will cover the participant accommodation and breakfast, in country travel, guests and activities. Participants are responsible for air travel to and from Quito, Ecuador at the beginning and end of the trip, as well as other associated travel costs (i.e. travel visas, passports, health and travel cancellation insurance, vaccines) and any costs for personal travel before or after the program. Participants should budget approximately $20 USD per day for lunch and dinner in addition to personal expenses. The program fee is due upon registration to allow the booking of accommodations and transportation.