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Ingrid Vaughan

Ingrid Vaughan, ML, is an experienced HR consultant, facilitator and corporate trainer. She works with small businesses to create great employee experiences through effective HR practices and processes. Ingrid believes strong leaders offer both influence and impact that affects a company’s bottom line, which led her to establishing the Business Leadership Academy, a leadership program focused on increasing confidence and people management skills for middle managers. She is passionate about facilitating growth and change in business leaders and loves the engagement and “AHA” moments that come from self-discovery and shared learning.

Curate Your Organization's Culture - ONLINE

Culture is one of the largest recruitment and retention factors for a new generation of workers. Companies who create exceptional cultures will thrive in spite of competition for skilled workers and will experience lower employee turnover. Now, more than ever, employers need to be on the creative edge of culture change to attract and retain great people. This four-week online course will offer a you a hands-on, applied practical approach to being proactive about creating a positive, healthy culture.