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Guy Nasmyth

Guy Nasmyth, a former senior leader with the federal government, has a longstanding interest in leadership and leadership development. After launching his own consulting practice, he started consulting full time with the government as well as with for-profit and non-profit organizations. Guy teaches at the graduate level in the schools of Leadership Studies and Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University.

Navigating Organizational Change: From Resistance to Resilience

As external realities change and evolve, many individuals and organizations struggle and resist the necessary change. Indeed resistance to change seems a part of our very humanness; when faced with external threat, we often hang on to what has worked in the past. But in our increasingly fast-paced, ever-changing modern world, this tendency holds us back. But while resistance to change seems a part of our nature, so too does an ability to adapt to change. This 2-day course will focus on individual and organizational strategies to succeed in a changing world.

Using Systems Thinking to Solve Difficult Organizational Problems

More and more, traditional patterns of behaviour and decision-making have been found limited in addressing increasingly complex challenges. Overcoming limiting reductionist thinking and practicing the discipline of systems thinking would seem to be the solution. And yet, while much has been written about systems thinking and more is written every year, it seems to have little impact. This course will move beyond establishing a clear working understanding of systems thinking towards an informed approach to applying systems thinking to resolve our most challenging problems.