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Edie Dittman

Edie Dittman is a leadership and HR development professional, specializing in online and workshop development and facilitation. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in public and private sector organizations, she combines theory with practical business applications to help people understand and apply new skills and approaches in their professional and personal lives. Edie holds a B.Admin from the University of Athabasca and a Certificate in Continuing Adult Education (CACE) from the University of Alberta.

Developing Future-Ready Employees - ONLINE

This four-week online course is for leaders and those who are responsible for human resources, who are interested in learning how they can develop and retain the talent they will need as they cope with current shutdown challenges while concurrently positioning their organizations to be future-ready. You will learn an organization-wide strategy to lead, coach and transform employee development. While your learning is self-directed, you will apply new skills by completing practical weekly assignments and receive personal feedback either from your instructor or via weekly online discussion forums with your classmates. These assignments and discussions make topics relevant because you will apply learning to your organizational situation.

Plan the Work, Work the Plan - ONLINE

How will organizations cope in the midst of a global pandemic while simultaneously planning strategy in the face of uncertainty? If you agree they will need to mobilize the energy and commitment of their workforce for future success, this four-week online course is for you. When organizations assign both leaders and individuals to work together on multidisciplinary work teams, they increase their chances to navigate through uncertainty to recovery.