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Daniel Shereck

Daniel Shereck, B.Eng, PMP, is a management consultant, advisor, technology strategist and project manager. His goal is to empower organizations by enabling business strategy through technology, where he leverages leading practices in portfolio and project management. Daniel has worked with leading consulting firms Deloitte and PWC and has led engagements with public and private companies in over 30 countries including Germany, India, Czech Republic, the US and Canada. Since moving to Victoria in 2015, Daniel has led a number of multimillion dollar projects locally and has real world experience in managing a PMO, developing project portfolios, and managing agile projects.

Agile Project Management - ONLINE

This course is designed for new and experienced project managers who are looking to leverage best practices in agile project management. Agile Project Management describes a disciplined process for managing projects using various agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD). This training will significantly increase your overall versatility as a project manager, improve collaboration skills, and develop your ability to manage complexity and change.

Introduction to Lean Kanban

This two-day course on Lean Kanban is directed to those who are responsible for planning and leading projects and who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Lean Kanban methodologies. This course will cover an overview of Lean concepts and flow-based methods, from visualizing work to continuous improvement. Participants will learn how to manage work in progress, identify and expose bottlenecks, and leverage cumulative flow diagrams as a means to improve throughput.

Introduction to Scrum

This two-day course on Scrum is directed to those who are responsible for planning and leading projects and who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Scrum methodologies. Scrum is a framework that helps teams work together and adapt to change. This course will cover an overview of all of the concepts and mechanics of Scrum, from deep dives into each role: Product Owner, Scrum Master and the development team, to in depth coverage of each of the Scrums ceremonies: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Etc.

Project Portfolio Management Essentials

Designed for experienced project leaders and executives who oversee projects in an organizational context, this two-day course describes a disciplined process for linking the organization’s strategy with its project work. Interpret company strategy and use the strategy to drive better portfolio management and project team leadership. Establish sound procedures for portfolio governance, and develop project execution processes that support organizational objectives. This course is aligned to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® standards for Portfolio Management (PfMP)® while weaving in concrete real world examples faced by organizations today.

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