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Customer Service Excellence

We all know how good it feels when the customer service we have received has exceeded our expectations! So what makes that service so outstanding? In this online course, we will review and practice the fundamentals of excellent customer service. We will also explore and apply skills and techniques to create impactful and memorable experiences for the purpose of exceeding customer expectations. Students will gain an understanding of customer service models and the unique requirements to support different customer relationships and methods of interaction. During this four-week online course, students will learn about and practise customer service skills, focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers and clients.
Customer Service Excellence
Start Date:Feb 21, 2023
End Date:Mar 19, 2023
Delivery:4 weeks, Asynch and Synch Online
Price:$795.00 + GST
Course code: PACS109_Y2223W-01

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:

Week 1: The Fundamentals of Customer Service

  • Define the attributes of good customer service
  • Know and apply the stages of a service interaction to insure a satisfying customer experience
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills to facilitate shared understanding and clear expectations
  • Apply customer service principles to different types of customer interaction.

Week 2: Facilitating Extraordinary Customer Experiences

  • Understand the difference between providing service and creating exceptional customer experiences
  • Apply interpersonal communications skills to personalize interactions and connect effectively with customers
  • Create memorable moments for customers in order exceed customer expectations.

Week 3: Key Account Service

  • Understand the different customer service models
  • Adjust Customer Service approaches to address customer segments and their unique requirements for Service Excellence
  • Adapt and customize customer service practises to serve an organization’s key accounts.

Week 4: Addressing Issues and Mistakes

  • Apply techniques to address customer complaints effectively, and restore positive customer relationships
  • Handle organizational mistakes adeptly and effectively
  • Address the unique or uncommon needs and issues of customers.

While the majority of this course Is delivered asynchronously, there will be a weekly 60 minute synchronous session, Tuesdays from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.

Learner Effort:
3-6 hours per week

Computer Requirements:
A week prior to the course start date you will receive an email from us with information on how to access the online course. At that time you will be encouraged to visit a short orientation website to familiarize yourself with our online learning platform. You will find the computer requirements for this course through this link:

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