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Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence for Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation is now widely recognized as crucial to organizational survival and growth. This workshop introduces participants to the personal attitudes and skills that develop creative confidence and competence in the workplace. This highly experiential two-day workshop is based on sound research yet is extremely practical in nature. You will explore your own personal creativity and the crucial role of experimentation, risk taking and failure tolerance to the creative process.
Facilitator: Dave Whittington
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Topics Covered:

  • How personal history impacts one’s creative confidence and competence
  • The role of experimentation, risk taking and failure tolerance to one’s creative confidence and competence
  • Creativity skills such as networking, observing, questioning and associational thinking and learn strategies to develop them
  • Identifying past projects and the creativity skills utilized in them, and begin the process of developing a personal creativity portfolio

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to identify what events might have shaped their current level of creative confidence
  • Understand strategies and skills they can use to be more creative in the workplace
  • Feel more confident in the use of creativity in the workplace
  • Understand the necessity of risk taking and be more tolerant of failure

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