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Course Proposal Submissions

Thank you for your interest in teaching with us!

The information below contains details to consider prior to preparing your course proposal submission. The form itself is designed to assist you in preparing a detailed, informed course proposal that will help you:

  • clearly articulate what your course is about and what students can expect to learn,
  • think critically about the course design, delivery methods and appropriateness of its content.


Submitted proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we will contact those who have submitted a sucessful proposal as soon as possible.

Before You Begin

Spend some time looking through our existing calendar to familiarize yourself with our main learning themes, the length and scope of our programs, and to avoid duplication or overlap with existing content areas. We look for original, unique courses that serve the needs of our local communities and inspire positive professional and personal growth.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are clear, plain language descriptors of knowledge and performance tasks that state the skills and knowledge that the learner is expected to demonstrate upon completion of a course. Follow this guide on how to describe the Learning Outcomes for your course.

Connecting With Us

Due to the high number of proposals and inquiries we receive, it is not always possible to meet with or speak directly to each person or respond to specific questions by email. If your proposal is accepted, we will be happy to answer any questions when we meet to discuss/negotiate program details.

Facilitator Payment

Facilitators are typically paid on a per-participant rate. We are unable to provide a detailed financial framework until a proposal is accepted and the budget is established.

Course Proposal Evaluation Criteria

There are several things we consider when reviewing and deciding upon a new proposal:

  • How well does this program embody RRU’s Learning, Teaching and Research Model?
  • Is the facilitator offering original, compelling and inspiring content and activities?
  • How well does this course create the conditions for people to transform themselves?
  • Is this a leading-edge program using current research, addressing emerging trends?
  • How well does this course fit the categories of learning in Professional and Continuing Studies?
  • Who is the self that is called to teach? What experiences has this facilitator had in the past?
  • How strong is this marketing plan/promotional strategy?
  • Together, will we be able to attract enough students to meet or exceed minimum enrolments?

Click here to Submit a Proposal

* While every reasonable attempt is made to ensure enrolment minimums are met, please be aware that first time offerings may not necessarily garner high enrolments and that it may be necessary to negotiate teaching with slightly less than optimal numbers of students from time to time in order to build momentum. This will be discussed further during initial negotiations.