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Cheryl Fitzpatrick

Cheryl Fitzpatrick, an expert, effective and entertaining facilitator, promises a relevant and experiential learning event for today’s leaders! As a senior executive with 30 years of experience in business, she has led major domestic and international organizations, and draws on this extensive experience to share her stories and insight to make the learning experience relatable and relevant. Be ready for an energetic session; active participation, engaged discussion, and management / leadership practices applied to real life situations!

Strategic Performance Management - ONLINE

It can be difficult to ask someone to perform better or do more! This 4-week online course offers, applies, and practices constructive supervisory methods to ensure organizational performance objectives and behavioral expectations are met. Students will gain an understanding of governance requirements and the performance management process. They will learn about the value of setting expectations and objectives, and the methods of assessing progress and performance. And while applying the principles and values of effective leadership, students will also develop the necessary supervisory skills for motivating, coaching, correcting, and disciplining to effect improvement and achieve results. These practical techniques will be applied to the students’ own circumstances and managerial or supervisory challenges.