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Business Finance for Non-Financial Staff

This one-day course is a journey through the world of business finance. Building on a foundation of corporate structure, agency theory and accounting, we will examine the debt and equity markets, capital budgeting, capital structure, costs of capital and dividend policy. The course concludes with an examination of behavioural finance and its influence on all aspects of finance.
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There will be examples with minor calculations to assist in explaining concepts. Participants may want to bring a simple calculator or use the app on their phone.

Topics Covered:

  • Corporate structure and the goals of an organization
  • External market analysis
  • Political economy, GDP and trade influences
  • Corporate strategies
  • Financial statements, ratios and decision making (case study)
  • Budgeting practices
  • Break even analysis
  • Time value of money and capital budgeting concepts
  • Types of debt and equity capital
  • Cost of capital and raising capital