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Brenda Robinson

Brenda Robinson, MEd, has been working with organizations and governments for over 20 years to escalate levels of communication, personal effectiveness, humour, and relationship building, and to grow organizational capacity from the inside out. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University in Curriculum and Instruction and brings her vast experience as a keynote speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant to the forefront in her work with people on the path of lifelong learning. Her website is

Dealing with Difficult Situations on the Front Line

Does it seem that you are dealing with difficult people more often or that people have become more difficult to deal with? We all need better toolkits. Learn to be responsive instead of reactive and support difficult people in moving towards solutions using the 8 “D” formula: Diffuse, Discuss, Divert, Deal, Direct, Distract, Disarm, and Disengage.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Employee diversity is always an asset for businesses competing in a challenging economy. Managing differences comes when we recognize that differences are only difficulties until we understand and reframe the difference. In so many ways, diverse capacity, competence and approaches can foster co-operative and collaborative workplaces. This one-day workshop will help you focus on building a team based on individual abilities and strengths, focusing on what can be done and building diversity to achieve more from the differences.

Managing Multiple and Changing Priorities

Managing time and managing stress are all about managing priorities. The days of getting it all done have been replaced by getting the important things done. We will never catch up again and we need to change the way we view priorities. Workload management has replaced time management. Learn new strategies for planning, handling interruptions, responding to changing priorities, dealing with the information invasion and working positively in stressful settings. In this course, learn to work with quality time on quality tasks for quality results.