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Ashli Komaryk

Ashli Komaryk, BA, MBA, is an MBA instructor and workplace communication and team building trainer. She brings over 15 years of experience in organizational leadership, communications and marketing. Her career has led her to Canada, the United States, Barbados and Italy, working within the private sector, not-for-profit as well as government environments. Ashli guides team members toward greater individual self-awareness which builds more connected, efficient and engaged teams. Her presentation style is informative, enlightening and wonderfully user-friendly.

Decoding Personalities = Better Communication + Improved Relationships

Who are you…really? And what does that mean for your relationships at home and at work? Is conflict at work, holding you back in your career? Do you have challenges getting along with a colleague or your boss or even a family member? Join this two-day workshop and learn more about yourself and gain a better understanding of and ability to manage your relationship dynamics. Solid research and interactive exercises will uncover deep truths about your communication and behaviour styles. Learn people-reading techniques and how to use them to build stronger relationships and avoid the high cost of miscommunication and conflict and stress. Enhance the quality of all your relationships.