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Ann Perodeau

Ann Perodeau believes that when we see ourselves only in relation to our belongings or work, we diminish and distort our purpose and being. Seeing ourselves as a part of the greater living landscape, we come to awe, humility, and an understanding of our place as stewards, not owners or consumers. As a painter and lover of the environment, Ann does both as an act of joy and a way to both lose and find herself in the living landscape.

Sustaining and Building Community: Beyond Resilience in Times of Crisis - ONLINE

This four-week online course will help you to gain an understanding of the underlying principles and behaviours of engagement, while exploring the nuances and assumptions associated with fostering and sustaining vibrant communities. You will articulate personal and shared values in terms of community and explore how to stay resilient and healthy moving forward. Throughout the course, you will examine the relationship between individuals and their communities and introduce tools and strategies to help us become more mindful leaders and agents of positive change.